Warehousing & Distribution + Shipping & Receiving Services

Warehousing & Distribution + Shipping & Receiving Services

Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. is a full service warehouse and distribution company. We offer customized warehouse solutions built to suit specific customer requirements. Our services include:

  • Storage (Short–Term and Long–Term)
  • Inventory Management
  • Certified Cargo Screening
    Supply Chain Improvement
    Warehousing Support
  • Supply Chain Improvement
  • Warehousing Support

We operate four Warehouses service centers across the US, soon to add more states, and overseas locations around the world. Capable of short–term and long–term storage, our team of trained professionals can help reduce your warehouse and distribution costs. Our shipping and receiving services use a specialized inventory system with a serial number technique to scan each item that passes through the warehouse. Your items will be treated with care with us.

Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. strives to give you a competitive advantage and will continually seek new ways to improve the effectiveness of our supply chain services to reduce cost of storage and keep your overall inventory at the optimum level. Ask us how our shipping and receiving supply chain services can work for you to improve the bottom line of your company through this warehouse and distribution service. Warehousing Support Services In addition to storage, we offer a variety of support services to help with your shipping and receiving needs. Some of the additional services we offer are:

  • Shipment packing (either on–site or off–site)
  • Dangerous Goods packing
  • Crating of shipments (either on–site or off–site)
  • Pallet build and break down
  • Ocean container build and break down
  • Airline container build and break down
  • Tractor trailer build and break down
  • Pick, pack and ship

Expertise on every step of the warehouse and distribution process makes it easy to help your company reduce costs. From storage to supply chain management, Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. and its alliance partner can improve the efficiency of your shipping and receiving process. Talk to us first if you require the best in the best for warehouse and distribution services.

Inventory Management

At Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. . Warehousing and Inventory Management Solutions allow us to closely monitor your products, optimize inbound and outbound deliveries, streamline your product throughput times, significantly reduce your storage and inventory requirements, and improve customer satisfaction. Allow Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. . To work with you to find the best solution for your warehouse, cross-dock and transportation facility.

Advantage of using Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc.:

  • Experienced facility management team
  • Customizable solutions
  • State of the art technology solutions
  • Robust WMS allows for product visibility through complete warehouse life cycle, from order entry through warehousing, routing and delivery
  • Supports non-tracked and tracked SKU models
  • Supports direct picking and FIFO models
  • Maintains accurate inventory counts to the location and SKU levels
  • Management of inventory for allocation, pick, pack and shipping
  • Significantly reduces product cycle throughput time
  • Improves customer satisfaction with more efficient delivery windows
  • Reduces storage requirements and inventory investments

Supply Chain Improvement Management

Reduce Your Supply Chain Vulnerability
Supply chain risk is recognized in today’s economy as a major threat to business continuity. A break in the supply chain can reduce a company’s revenue, decrease its market share, inflate costs, or threaten production and distribution. As our clients’ businesses change, so do their risk transfer needs. As companies outsource supply globally, revenue generation is increasingly tied to the external portion of the supply chain. This has increased client vulnerability to disruptions involving key suppliers, contract manufacturers, service providers and, ultimately, customers.

Supply Chain Solution

At Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. . The Supply Chain Solution combines market-leading coverage through our Advantage policy with awareness, assessment and risk mitigation resources designed to assist clients in better understanding how to identify and mitigate their own risk. In order to provide increased capacity for supply chain exposures, we partner with our clients by providing them with expert engineering advice at their suppliers’ locations. As we do with our client locations, At Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. , has the ability to assess the supplier’s risk and recommend mitigation solutions. This improved understanding of supply chain exposures allows us to provide additional coverage. Warehousing & Technical Support, With Certified Cargo Screening: At Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. . Customized Warehousing programs – whether short or long term – is our specialty. You will find purchased material, demonstration equipment, new and re-manufactured products in our warehouses. Our Customers get real-time visibility to their inventories since all products is tracked and managed by our Warehouse Management System. All of our Warehouse facilities have the characteristics you would want for specialized, information-based warehousing:

  • Dock high
  • Sprinkler & Security Systems and Perimeter Electronic Fencing
  • Racking
  • Material Moving Equipment
  • RF & RFID Capable
  • Separate & Secure Temperature-Controlled Tech Centers with dedicated power & workstations

At Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. . Warehouses can service your needs: Receiving, Inventory Management, Material Handling, or Pick, Pack, Label & Ship. At Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. . Technical Support Services are broad and tested, too. Whether it’s Configuration, Postponement, Equipment Calibration, Equipment Cleaning, Disposition (cycle counts & decommissioning), or End-of-Life Services (Second Sourcing or Environmentally Friendly Disposal), Spectrum is there to ensure your needs are met.

Certified Cargo Screening

9/11 Act Screening Requirement
From the time frame of 9/11 At At Security. Classification. & C.M.A.assoc. Partners Inc. we only work with and use the requirement of the 9/11 Act Screening Requirement. When it comes to The law requirement that all cargo transported on a passenger aircraft be screened for explosives as of August 1, 2010. Chain of Custody Supply chain participants are required to maintain chain of custody standards for screened cargo. The standards must include all of the following:

  • Documentation: Information must be documented and included with the shipment
  • Methods – must be employed to ensure the cargo is secure and maintained throughout the shipping process
  • Authentication- documentation and methods must be authenticated upon receipt by each party and at each point in the supply chain