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The travel and tourism industry is a complex industry. The competition is fierce, budgets are tight and customers’ expectations are high. However in knowing this, the owner of South Pacific Travel & Tours travel Services has stepped up to make travel a bit easier to deal with. By inter-acting more on the needs of the customers. It’s your getaway, your vacation, not ours. It’s our job to work with you and listen to what your needs are. So why not make the right choice with the travel services that puts your need ahead of all.

Isl. S. Pacific Travel & Tours Services Company is a full-service travel agency. We offer high-end, unique and exotic travel packages for the adventurous traveler. We pledge that all of your travels will be first class because our goal is to provide consistent superior service in a cost effective manner. Our commitment to each individual traveler’s needs is of paramount importance and encompasses all aspects of travel, for pleasure and businesses, domestically and internationally.

At Islanders South Pacific Travel & Tours Services will carefully work to provide you your choice of destination with just the right blend of included experiences and free time for personal exploration. With our services you will get more great value, first class hotels, comfortable transportation and splendid tour directors are givens. It’s the personal touches, the authentic encounters and added extras that make such grand European travel destination unique.

And our direct-to-consumer, no middleman approach allows us to keep costs low and deliver savings directly to you. We analyze customer activity so that we can engage them with relevant communications at the right time. We streamline processes and improve efficiency to engage with global customers in their language, making our company the one they want to deal with. How can a travel services sale you a getaway, vacation telling you how grand the location is when they have never been there.

We offer the best in exotic tropical island vacations, luxury and adventure cruises, romantic getaways, honeymoon packages, safaris, and tours. You need a vacation and we’re here to help you find the perfect trip. We’ll work with you to match your travel interests and your lifestyle with the vacation of your dreams. We value your business and will work to find the right travel product to suit your needs. We have set the standard of quality in the travel industry by providing our customers an opportunity to get the lowest prices possible with the best accommodations.

At Isl S. Pacific Travel & Tours Services. We have over 20 years’ experience we have fine-tuned the travel process with a unique combination of personal attention and low prices. Our affiliations with strong companies like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and many others allow us to offer variety in traveling while maintaining no hassle for our customers. We have received many awards for our outstanding customer service as well as the volume of business we do with our preferred vendors.

This is something we take pride in and allows us to pass the savings on to you are valued customers. At Is. S. Pacific Tours, the customers always know we listen to them and support them. Why?…Because we want to attract and retain our base of customers by through continuing commitment to our customers their friends and families. While our market share continues to increase, our customer’s base expands as well. Our growth is a byproduct of our success and is measured by the customers we serve traveling with us year after year. Take a look at what we can provide when you let us serve your travel needs.


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On top of all of that we want to invite you to travel with us to one of the newest upcoming Resort and theme park in the south Pacific a tropical paradise resort and theme park you will never forget and will want to come back year after year to enjoy. Islanders South Pacific Travel & Tours Services wants to welcome you to. The pearl of the south pacific how do we know it’s a one of a kind adventure because we are part owners of this grand location. And we welcome you to the Makosoi Fiji Resort & Fun Parks.

This new upcoming world class tourism project takes advantage of the phenomenal tourism growth in the Asia Pacific region and the unmet needs of international visitors to Fiji. We intend to create an international business district (IBD) that involves a strategic mix of international tourism and travel, real estate, commercial center, culture, entertainment, sports & recreation, foods, health and education. The project will have and offer international hotels and resorts, amusement park, international hospital, water bottling, commercial activities and other complementary activities. Commercial subdivision, offing duty free trade products.

The Makosoi Fiji Resort & Fun Parks is about creating moments that transcend the ordinary; the The Makosoi Fiji Resort & Fun Parks shall be a wonderful holiday destination in Fiji and the South Pacific. It shall be an attractive brand of quality, truly enriching experience and extraordinary service. It is intended to be a benchmark development for Fiji in Leisure and Tourism experience. This will be achieved through the blending of international and local skills and experience to craft products and amenities, deliver services and create an environment that is truly special and unforgettable.

The Makosoi Fiji Resort & Fun Parks will connect Fiji and its people and all visitor to the most dynamic and global business pipeline in the world. Tourism is the largest business sector of the global economy. Why Fiji cause there is no other island in the south pacific that can match the attractiveness. Fiji is a tropical paradise of about 300 islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Fiji’s natural attributes, its geographic location, tropical climate, and the genuine warmth of its people are an excellent recipe for successful tourism.

The Makosoi Fiji Resorts & Fun Park

Fiji, as a destination provides release, freedom and a true sense of peace and happiness. The hustle and bustle of city life can make living a rat race. Fiji is an oasis to restore balance. One gets tuned up by the chords of spontaneous island music and the rhythm of Fiji time. At The Makosoi Fiji Resorts & Fun Park we intend to provide these and more, in a beautiful and natural setting. Fijian hospitality is sought after as a rare and precious commodity in life experiences. Here at The Makosoi Fiji Resorts & Fun Park the world can have a taste of the magical Fijian and Pacific hospitality at its very best. It is located along the Nadi Tourism Corridor, the ‘’engine room’’ of travel and tourism in Fiji. It will further enhance the desirability and attractiveness of Fiji as a truly international destination.

Like other projects by Makosoi Fiji Resorts, the business constellation model is based on a business constellation model which has tourism and travel at its core. Feeding from and flowing back to these are complementary activities and industries such never been offered in the past the owners of Makosoi Resort and theme is taken this venture all the way and beyond of what is being offered. For the finest and best spot in the world come to Fiji resorts and theme parks, where you’ll be taken off your feet and never want your vacation to end. When you’re at The Makosoi Fiji Resorts & Fun Park your home away from home.

From the owners and partnership of The Makosoi Fiji Resorts & Fun Park we intend to introduce an iconic development that will push Fiji tourism and experience into a new frontier. Creating islands and memorable experiences and a home away from home, we will bring genuine smiles and comfort to the millions who will visit our tropical paradise resort and theme park the Fiji Island and the thousands who will choose to stay and make Fiji their home in paradise welcome you all. From the staff at Islanders South Pacific Travel & Tours Services we want to make sure you’re on board with us to provide you with your travel need to this one of a kind tour destination in the south pacific.

Other destination and city we provide services to. The Fiji Island is the main driver for Islanders South Pacific Travel & Tours Services, But we want to make it well known we can supply Travel Booking & Reservation Services for air ,sea, hotels, car rental, train, buss, to anyone seeking such services. The destination of some of the cities below is where we work as well with the travel services. So please make this a full page on these business services.

Islanders South Pacific Travel & Tours Services is a U.S. base agency dedicated to enhancing its customers travel experience is a above all others in the market. We hope you will enjoy what Islanders South Pacific Travel & Tours Services has to offer and look forward to giving you a lifetime of quality services.